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My horse gets fungus every single summer and I never know how to get rid of it.  There are all the medicated and chemical sprays but I really don’t feel comfortable putting those on my horse.  Do you know of anything natural that would not harm my horse at all that would get rid of the fungus?  I would love to be able to make it myself…store bought products are expensive!! Kaitlin

Hi Kaitlin,

Fungus is a general term. It would be best for your veterinarian to diagnose which skin condition your horse has. Once you know the specific fungus, it would be possible that by typing the name of the fungus and  “home remedy” into google, you might find some specific advice for it.

I use apple cider vinegar rinses on my horses coats to keep the pH balanced after shampooing. Witch hazel is a possible remedy for some skin conditions. Whether either of these would be appropriate for your horse’s skin condition, I have no idea.

The best way to prevent skin ailments is to keep the horse, tack, grooming tools and any horse clothing scrupulously clean.

Minimize bathing which removes the skin’s natural defenses. I give my horses two baths a year. The rest of the time I groom or vacuum.

Whenever a horse gets wet from bathing, rain, or exercise, make sure the hair coat and skin dry dry completely.

Never put a blanket or sheet on a damp horse. (The exception to this, of course, is when you drape a cooler over a horse temporarily while he is drying.)

Here are some excerpts that might be helpful from my book Cherry Hill’s Horsekeeping Almanac.

Excerpt from Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac

Excerpt from Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac

Cherry Hill's Horsekeeping Almanac

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