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Help Cherry !

I am looking for a pad that protects the anterior vagina from pressure.

After my last riding lesson in which I took the rising trot for the better part of an hour,  aside from the pain and soreness, I discovered that I blistered and battered my very private nether parts.  Other than a very thick sanitary pad, is there anything you recommend for this.  I am certain I am not the only 67 yr old female who has encountered this.


Hi Susan,

There are a number of products out there for horseback, motorcycle and bicycle riders that you might find helpful. Some are designed with more padding in the crotch area and others have more padding in the seat.

Here are some search terms for you to use to help you find what you need.

Padded breeches

Padded briefs

Under Riders

Padded bike briefs

Padded bike shorts.

That will get you started !



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