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G’day Cherry!

I was curious if you could tell me about breeding, especially when to seperate the mare and foal as I have heard a lot of conflicting things and am no longer sure who to believe! Can you help me?
Cheers Steph

Hi Steph,

I usually wean foals at 4 months. There is no harm or advantage waiting until 6 months but it is good to do it at a time when the weather doesn’t add to the stress of separation. So here in Colorado, the foals are often born in March or April and weaned in July or August. This gives them time to settle into their new routines before winter.

I leave the foal in the pasture, pen or stall where it has been living with its dam. Make sure the fences and facilities are safe. Remove the dam from the foal and be sure you put the dam in a safe place too – it’s best if the dam is out of sight and sound of the foal. Keep the mare and foal separate from each other until the foal is a yearling.

There are exceptions to every suggestion but this is a starting point for you.

Best of luck !


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Hi Cherry,

just wondered if you have any ideas how to stop out yearling miniature horse filly to stop bucking and kicking out at us. We own 6 other miniatures and have never had this problem . We have her for 6 months now, and still she does it. We cant stand behind her to brush her tail, nor adjust her rug leg straps etc. She is out on grass with the others and as soon as we go to bring her in, she spins and lashes out with her rear legs. She also hates to be tied and gets very thick and starts pawing the ground etc.

Hi Sara,

Young fillies of that age are beginning to experience their estrous cycle for the first time. Because of that, some are more explosive, irritable and protective, especially of their hindquarters and activities related to their rear end, such as you say brushing her tail and adjusting her leg straps.

There are many articles related to your questions on my Horse Information Roundup. I will mention a few, but you should go there and search your questions.

Reference article: How to Tell if a Mare is in Heat

A horse like that needs a super thorough handling and sacking out program to show her that touching and activities behind her are nothing to fear. This is a good time to nip this tendency in the bud – otherwise the horse could carry the bad habits for life.

Reference Articles:

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Teaching the Young Horse to Tie

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I recommend you read my latest book, What Every Horse Should Know:

Respect Patience Partnership

No Fear of People or Things

No Fear of Restriction or Restraint.


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