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Yee-haw ! Our fireworks yesterday for the Fourth of July was a 19 minute hail storm with hail stones over 1 1/2″ in diameter and when it was all over we had over 2 inches of hail everywhere and bigger piles where it flash flooded.

All the horses were in off pasture and in sheltered pens but each and every one of them chose to stand outside in the hail ! Go figure ! But at least that tells me that next time we encounter a bad hail storm when we are out riding, they won’t freak. And that’s always a good thing.

This hailstorm was brutal – the hardest hitting I have ever seen on our place. As soon as it stopped we were out slogging around in the hail – it was like walking through slimy ball bearings or tapioca pudding.

July 4, 2010 Hail Storm

July 4, 2010 Hail Storm

When we got up to the barn, we saw the shod horses teetering on huge ice mounds. Who would have thought we’d be chipping ice balls out of the horse’s hooves in July?

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