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Hubby Should Know Better –

Wear Gloves When Training Horses

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The other day, after we worked our horses, we came inside to our respective computers and I found something interesting to show Richard, so I called him over………I thought it was odd that he came over to my desk…….wearing one greasy looking glove  – on his right hand – the very same hand that I had last seen holding a web longe line – but at that time it had been UNgloved.  Ah-ha !

So, I looked at him with that kind of peering ½ chastising ½ teasing look that I have and he fessed up……”I shoulda worn gloves…..”

Sherlock had gotten the longe line caught under his tail and bolted suddenly, zinging the web line through Richard’s bare hand. It was a short burst, quickly over, but the friction made enough heat to take some patches of hide from the junction where the fingers meet the palm and make white streaks across the tips of the other fingers. The picture was taken after a few days inside a Vaseline glove.

Rope Burn After 2 Days in Vaseline Glove

Rope Burn After 2 Days in Vaseline Glove

These things do happen when handling web lines and ropes, so that’s why I always recommend that you wear gloves when you are ground training or if you are handling ropes when riding.

And get that gol dang horse used to a rope under his blessed tail !!

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