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hi my name is aleeah. I have my aunts horse at my house caring for her. Today we treated her for worms and she is already felling better. But something is wrong with her leg. All of my family have looked at it and my nieghber that is a nurse has already looked at it what should i do.

Hello Alleah,

If you and your family have other horses, then you must have a veterinarian that you could call to have a look at the horse’s leg. If you are not horseowners, then you should ask your aunt what veterinarian she uses and call that horse doctor to come and look at your aunt’s horse.

If you do not have horses and your aunt doesn’t have a veterinarian or you can’t contact her, then look in the Yellow Pages section of the phone book under Veterinarian and look for one that says Equine or Large Animal. Perhaps you or one of your parents could give the veterinarian some symptoms over the phone and make an appointment for the veterinarian to drive over to your house to look at the horse.

In the meantime, visit my Horse Information Roundup to read lots of articles on health care, lameness, hoof care and more.

Best of luck and let me know what you find out.

Cherry Hill

Horse Health Care by Cherry Hill

Horse Health Care by Cherry Hill

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