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I’ve been working my new Rottweiler pup Bandit in the arena to teach him heel, sit, stay and the rest of the basics.

Bandit at 2 1/2 months

The arena is a good place to work since it is level and has no distracting stuff like the rest of the natural, wild terrain around here………or so I thought.

Today we were trucking along. I felt Bandit had finally found the sweet spot where he should walk and we were doing some sharp right and left turns, about faces, halts. Going very well. So when all of a sudden he stopped, I responded just like I do when one of my good horses does something out of character. I look for the reason. There it was just to the side of us.

A beautiful three foot long bull snake.

Beautiful bull snake

I didn’t have my camera along so I am borrowing photos here, but the photo above looks very much like our arena snake – but he was stretched out long and straight in between two furrows in the arena, catching the rays on an unseasonably sunny and warm April day. When we approached he started doing his serpentine – how appropriate for a riding arena !!

The serpentine in the arena !

All this to say, now its heads up because we do have rattlesnakes here and this beautiful bull snake was a reminder to keep our eyes and ears open.

Be safe !

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