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We are doing our annual spring cleaning of the barn and tack room and have discovered much horse tack that needs to find a new home. Most of it is brand new or used only once for a photo shoot.

If you are looking for bits, bridles, trailer boots, blankets, sheets, scrims and much more…………..browse our tack shop for great bargains on high quality items.

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Dear Cherry,

With great pleasure I’m reading your book “Thinking like a horse”. It’s good readable and the drawings and pictures are beautiful.


How to Think Like a Horse by Cherry Hill in Dutch


I saw on your website that you also sell articles. On site 20 from the book there’s a picture from Seeker. The blanket underneath the saddle, do you sell those? So yes, where can I find them on your website?
Specially that one is a very nice one on a red/brown horse like our Quarterhorse mare Ira. She’s so lookalike Seeker!
Can you please answer my mail and if you don’t sell the bankets can you give me another adress?
Best greetings from Harold in the Netherlands

Hi Harold,

First of all, Bravo on your English ! I’m glad you are finding the Dutch translation of my book, How to Think Like a Horse, enjoyable and helpful.

I just now walked back from the barn where my husband, Richard Klimesh, put new shoes on my mare Seeker ! She is my special buddy ! It sounds like Ira is your good buddy too.

We don’t sell western saddle blankets – only a few extra tack items every now and then in our Tack and Attire section.

But if I were looking for a western saddle blanket like the one you saw in my book (How to Think Like a Horse) I’d start by looking at Rods – notice that there are 10 (TEN) pages of western saddle blankets – when you are finished looking at the first page, you can click on more pages at the bottom of the screen.

(Note: I am not connected to or sponsored by any companies. I am only supplying this suggestion as a good place to start.)

Be sure to browse all of the articles I have posted on my Horse Information Roundup, especially in the Tack and Attire category where you can read about saddle pad selection and care.

Best of luck !

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