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More books from my personal library are being added to the Buy One, Get TWO FREE page – some vintage, some New Old Stock, some just plain old NEW !

Visit the BOG2F page now.

Take a look – here are just a few of the latest additions.


a-horse-of-your-own complete-horse-riding-manual dark-horses-and-black-beauties essentials-of-horsekeeping george-stubbs-198w horses-for-dummies horses-hitches-rocky-trails riders-problem-solver the-horse-in-art the-horse

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Dear Cherry,

I recently purchased the barnes and noble nook,, and the reason for my purchase was to be able to start a horse book library, however you have some publications that i cannot download on my e reader and i would like to know why.  i m very disappointed that i cannot get the publications that i need in my library. Allison

Hi Allison,

The following books are available as e books and can be ordered and downloaded from a number of places (see the list at the bottom of this post) such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Whether the format is for the Kindle (Amazon) or Nook (Barnes and Noble) reader or other digital file formats, you’ll have to check for each title. I’ll add new digital titles to this list as they become available.

You can order paperback and hardbound editions by clicking the book covers below or from our website www.horsekeeping.com

Storey Publishing tells me that How to Think Like a Horse should be available by July and that all of the rest of my Storey titles will be available in digital format in the very near future. Storey also provided me with the following information which I found very helpful.

Storey converts to epub, mobipocket, and updf which feeds most all devices. Storey does not currently convert specifically for mobile phones and Android devices, but those devices have the capability to read books from apps and internet via several distribution partners (mentioned in the list below).

Storey distributes to the following:

EPUB: Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Editions, OverDrive, Shortcovers (Kobo), Lighting Source (Ingram)

EPUB for Sony: Sony*

Mobipocket: Amazon Kindle

UPDF: Google Search, Amazon Search Inside, B&N Search, Baker & Taylor (BLIO), Scribd, Zinio


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Those of you who know eagles know what I’m talking about.

I’ve written about my encounters with eagles in some of my books, most notably the Almanac. Eagles are part of our life here at 7000 feet in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies. I’ve felt the rush of wind as an eagle swooped just feet over my head, with talons extended ready to snatch a meal on the rock just in front of me. Without landing, just grabbing food on the fly, the eagle did a 180 and flew right back over my head.

That’s me about now. I’m just getting ready to shift gears from one incredibly busy personal/family stretch of time into an intensive book session. I’ll be amassing the photo references for the artist who will illustrate my next book.

But before I do my 180 and swoop up to the scriptorium, I do want to say I have received many intriguing questions that I am anxious to answer. I wish I could do so now. If only I were eagle twins.

Until then, enjoy the spring and take good care of that good horse !

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When I think of a lending library in a van, I picture something from one of the British villages featured in Midsomer Murders – not the murder mystery part, just the quaint little vans that drive around providing books on loan to those in the community.

So it should come as no surprise that someone in the US would organize such a van – devoted to equine titles – and yet this is the first I have heard of – in Maryland.  Here is a little bit from their website/blog:

The Equihab Foundation’s mission is to prevent cruelty to equines, through: direct intervention and sheltering of horses in need, public & owner education, and community outreach programs.

The Equihab Foundation

As part of our commitment to education, Equihab is developing a lending library, using our new van as a central point to share & collect books.

What a good idea !  Best of luck to you, Cherry Hill

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Yee-haw ! Our fireworks yesterday for the Fourth of July was a 19 minute hail storm with hail stones over 1 1/2″ in diameter and when it was all over we had over 2 inches of hail everywhere and bigger piles where it flash flooded.

All the horses were in off pasture and in sheltered pens but each and every one of them chose to stand outside in the hail ! Go figure ! But at least that tells me that next time we encounter a bad hail storm when we are out riding, they won’t freak. And that’s always a good thing.

This hailstorm was brutal – the hardest hitting I have ever seen on our place. As soon as it stopped we were out slogging around in the hail – it was like walking through slimy ball bearings or tapioca pudding.

July 4, 2010 Hail Storm

July 4, 2010 Hail Storm

When we got up to the barn, we saw the shod horses teetering on huge ice mounds. Who would have thought we’d be chipping ice balls out of the horse’s hooves in July?

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Just getting started with this new blog. I love Twitter but being a book writer, it is hard for me to condense things down to so few words.

So over the next few rainy days, I’ll be adding some articles and book excerpts here and hope you will stop by and say hi, make comments and sign up for updates.

Until then…….Cherry Hill

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